ING(In the Name of God ) Review

Fri 18th Jun 2021 01:19 PM

ING(In the Name of God ) Telugu Review

ING(In the Name of God )
ING(In the Name of God )

Release: June 18, 2021

Rating: 2.0/5


Cast: Priyadarshi, Nandini Rai,Posani Krishna Murali,Rajsekhar Anigi, Mohammad Ali Baig, Vikas and others

Director: Vidyasagar Muthukumar

Editor: Nikhil Sreekumar

Music: Deepak Alexander

Cinematographer: Varun DK

Producer: Suresh Krishna

OTT: Aha

What’s Behind

Digital revolution and the changing environment across the world made people turned towards OTTs but compared to other languages, top stars and producers did not come with many web series in Telugu. When Suresh Krishna, known for top hits like Basha came to producer ING with the big star cast like Nandini Rai and Priyadarshi, it gained everyone’s attention. The web series is streaming live on Aha OTT and let us see what impact it made on viewers with its twists and turns.

Story Reviews

Adi (Priyardarshi) loses his mother at a small age and he becomes an orphan as his father deserts his mother even before her death. Adi turns cab driver to make a living in Rajamundry and works hard to change his fortunes.

Adi who dreams of becoming rich eyes Meena(Nandini Rai), a young wife of a middle-aged man Ayyappa (Posani Krishna Murali). Even Meena starts showing interest in Aadi. Under these circumstances, Aadi agrees to do a work out of attraction for Meena. This brings unexpected changes in his life. To findout, more about it and the twists and turns in his life, enjoy ING(In the Name of God) on Aha OTT.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Vidyasagar interestingly starts the narration but as the story progresses he loses steam and ended up testing the patience of the viewers. Viewers get thrilled with the first scene and how things unfold. The first scene sets the proceedings and it turned out to be the highlight scene in the first season. The stunning twist makes everyone sit on the edge of their seats. There are few such scenes in the first season.

The narration, in the beginning, starts in a low manner but later picks pace and the twist at the end of the first episode generates interest. The way he turned Priyadarshi’s character from a timid person is good. Even Nandini Rai’s role stuns all with its boldness. For all these twists, overall the proceedings disappoint. Though little interest is generated with the murder of a person receiving hawala money and the entry of a gang from Hyderabad, the story deviates from there completely. The first three episodes are ok but the next two episodes test the patience of the viewers. Viewers after getting appealed to Priyadarshi’s character later lose emotional connection with him. The same is the case with Nandini Rai’s character and the less one talks about other characters, the better it is. Scenes from then on appear without any connection. Generally, makers of the thriller genre increase intensity and interest with twists as the story progresses. But director Vidyasagar after the initial intensity fizzled out completely. The story ends abruptly and except for one question as to what happened to the money, viewers have no reason to watch the second season.

Priyadarshi, Posani Krishna Murali and Nandini Rai came with powerful performances. Priyadarshi came with good expressions and emotions showing variations in the role. Priyadarshi is showing his versatility in his performances and web series are providing him with a good opportunity to showcase his talent. He surprises all in a role that is completely different from the ones he earlier played. Posani Krishna Murali played the role tailor-made for him to perfection. He with his trademark dialogues creates interest in the proceedings. Nandini Rai stuns all with her red hot looks. She impresses with her intimate and kissing scenes.

Technical values are good. Production values are ok. Dialogues are extremely bold and make an impact. Deepak Alexander with his background music elevated the scenes. He made a good impact with his BGM. Varun DK attracted with his cinematography taking viewers into the story. Nikhil Sreekumar’s editing could have been better as many repetitive scenes slowed the pace of the film. Director Vidyasagar should have tightened the story and screenplay for better impact. In The Name of God fails to live up to the expectations generated due to the high-intensity trailer. It has to be seen whether the makers will come with an even more strong story and screenplay in the second season.


Priyadarshi, Posani Krishna Murali’s performances

Nandini Rai hot and bold looks



Few twists and turns


Slow pace



Repetitive scenes

Rushed climax

Screenplay at times

Rating Analysis

In the Name of God (ING) generated immense interest with the shock value in the trailer. Director Vidyasagar started earnestly. However soon he deviated from the main plot paying attention to other characters. Considering the twists and turns in the episodes, the shock factors and the performances of Priyadarshi, Nandini Rai and Posani Krishna Murali, CJ goes with a 2.0 rating for ING.

Punchline: ING: Loses Sting after Initial Bang.