Pachchis Movie Review

Sun 13th Jun 2021 01:49 PM

Pachchis Movie English Review

Pachchis review cinejosh
Pachchis review cinejosh

Pachchis Review

Cast: Raamz,Swetaa Varma,Jay Chandar, Ravi Varma,Dayanand Reddy,Subhalekha Sudhakar, Viswender Reddy and others
Director: Sri Krishna, Rama Sai
Producer: Kaushik Kumar Katuri, Rama Sai
Music Director: Samaran Sai
Cinematography: Karthik Kumar
Editor: Rana Pratap
OTT:  ratings
Release Date: June 12, 2021

What's Behind?
Viewers of late are getting attracted to crime and suspense thrillers. Going with the tastes of the viewers, newcomers are coming with films on this genre. New directors Sri Krishna and Rama Sai came with a crime suspense thriller Pachchis. The film is getting streamed on Amazon Prime Video and let us see whether Pachchis made an impact with its thrills.
Story Review
A young guy Abhiram (Raamz) loves gambling. Though he loves gambling, he is not an expert and goes by his intuition and thus ends up losing huge bucks. This results in him owing Rs 25 lakhs to casino owner RK (Ravi Varma).
Abhiram goes in search of money to clear the debt and in the process gets entangled in the political power war between Basavaraju (Kommidi Viswender Reddy) and Gangadhar (Subhaleka Sudhakar). In the process, he comes into contact with beautiful girl Avantika (Swetaa Varma) who is on the lookout for her missing brother. Where all this leads forms the twists and turns of Pachchis.
Artists, Technicians Review
Directors Sri Krishna and Rama Sai most of the time showed the entire film and narration in the dark genre. They came with an interesting plot and this appeals to viewers though most of the cast is relatively new. They included many twists and turns in the film and to some extent they made sense.
Directors though they came with a good line, they failed to narrate the film in an interesting manner most of the time. They tried to elevate the character of the hero in the entire first half but the heroine's entry and then a lot of characters led to a lot of confusion.
When many expected the director to pick pace in the second half with the narration, they dragged it testing the patience of the viewers. Though the point is small, the director dragged the film with unnecessary scenes to increase the duration. Though the film is of just two hours duration, people feel it is very lengthy. They came with a good plot but failed in their execution. The story is ok and the screenplay and direction left a lot to be desired.
Raamz who turned hero after working as a celebrity stylist, impressed with his performance. He came with good expressions and emoted well showing different angles. He came with a good performance and never looked like a debutante. Swetaa Varma complimented him with her performance bringing in subtle expressions. Their chemistry came out well and the scenes are good to watch. Ravi Varma as the casino owner made an impact with his Hyderabadi accent, screen presence, and dialogue delivery. Kommidi Viswender Reddy, Subhalekha Sudhakar are good in the serious roles as political leaders and RX 100 Daya and those who acted as friends of the hero did justice to their roles. But with the director introducing most of the characters when the heroine goes on the lookout for her brother, it created a lot of confusion.
Karthik Kumar with his cinematography used his camera angles to perfection to give a look to the dark genre story. The film has no songs. Smaran Sai with his background music elevated the scenes. Rana Pratap however failed with his editing as he left many drags which slowed the pace of the film completely.
Raamz, Swetaa Varma
Repetitive scenes
Slow pace
Rating Analysis
Pachchis looks like a suspense thriller but the directors highlighted the scams and corruption of the political leaders showing the current situation in the country. It looks the directors made this film focuses on how political leaders play their games colluding with the police. If one ignores the drags and slow pace in the film, viewers can enjoy Pachchis as a timepass thriller. Generally, in thrillers, viewers can guess the ending but directors maintained the suspense in Pachchis till the end. CJ goes with 2.75 ratings for Pachchis Movie.
Punchline: Pachchis' thrills lack Power!