Anukoni Atidhi Movie Review

Fri 28th May 2021 03:33 PM

Anukoni Atidhi Telugu Movie Review

Anukoni Atidhi Movie
Anukoni Atidhi Movie


Cast: Sai Pallavi, Fahad  Raj, Atul Kulkarni, Renji Panikkar, Shanti Krishna, Leona Lishoy and others


Director: Vivek

Editor: Ayub Khan

Cinematography: Anu Motedat

BGM: Gibran

Music: PS.Jayahari

Producers: Annamreddy Krishnakumar, Govind Ravikumar

What's Behind

Malayalam dubbed films are getting good response thanks to OTTs. Sai Pallavi, Fahad Faasil's psychological thriller Athiran is dubbed as Anukoni Atidhi and is streaming on Hotstar. Since the film has Sai Pallavi who is known for her exceptional performance, it is attracting the attention of all. The trailer generated tremendous buzz and let us see what impact Anukoni Atidhi made on viewers.

Story Review

Psychiatrist Nanda (Fahad Faasil) from Trivandrum College goes to a Mental Hospital after receiving complaints about some mysterious happenings inside it. He hears from various quarters that Dr Benjamin (Atul Kulkarni) who owns the hospital is extremely cruel and even goes to the extent of eliminating people who came against him. The hospital staff fully supports Dr Benjamin and do not reveal anything.

Nanda persists with his inquiry despite earnings but couldn't find anything in his investigations. Under these circumstances he finds a patient Nitya(Sai Pallavi) isolated completely from others. Nanda finds out even more startling relations that Nitya is the heir of a rich and royal family but she was involved in not one but three murders. Viewers should watch Anukoni Atidhi unravel the mysterious happenings. 

Artists, Technicians Review

The film is inspired by real-life incidents in 1970 in Kerala. PF. Mathews' screenplay is based on the suspense created in various scenes and he presented it aptly. He did full justice to the thriller genre by interestingly starting the story narration. However, with the story penned by director Vivek, his talent got curtailed.

There are many such films earlier in Malayalam based on the hospital backdrop like Ulladakkam and Thalavattam. However, director Vivek who made his debut with this film tried to give a new feel to the viewers by including thrilling elements using things that are not seen or touched to the heart. But those who regularly watch thriller films can guess the end easily. They also find similarities with Hollywood films Shutter Island, Stonehearst Asylum to name a few. The scene depicting the kalarippayattu, Kerala's traditional martial art is extremely attractive.

Director tried to give a new experience by including horror elements in the psychological thriller. However the loose ends in the story rob movie lovers of the ultimate thrill. The first half starts interestingly but the flashback episode in the second half acts as a drawback. From then on it turned out to be routine and monotonous. Unnecessary songs and triangular love story drag the film affecting the tempo. 

Gibran's background music elevated the scenes but at times it turned over the top. the cinematography of Anu Motedath captured the scenes with beautiful camera angles. Ayub Khan's editing is good but could have been better as there are many drags in the second half. The film has good technical values.

Since the film has known actors like Prakash Raj, Atul Kulkarni along Sai Pallavi, one doesn't get a feeling that they are watching a dubbed film. Sai Pallavi to the top of it surprises all with her powerful expressions and emotions delivering fewer dialogues. Tharun dubbed for Fahad Faasil and his dubbing suited him perfectly.


First half

Sai Pallavi's performance



Few thrilling elements



Second half


Director's confusion


Rating Analysis

Anukoni Atidhi directed by debutante Vivek has many horrific and thrilling elements. He is aided by Matthews' deft screenplay. However, both seemed to be in confusion about whether to turn the film into a crime or horror thriller. This resulted in fluctuations in the screenplay and even Sai Pallavi didn't get many dialogues. Seems the dialogue writer is under the impression that people suffering from autism can't speak. However, the makers got a good performance from Sai Pallavi who even enacted kalarippayattu martial arts stunts to thrill viewers. Sai Pallavi should be complimented for choosing a completely different role. Fahad Faasil also came with a captivating performance. Considering these crests and troughs, CJ goes with 2.5 ratings for Anukoni Atithi.

Punchline: Anukoni Atidhi surprises but falls short of expectations