Ek Mini Katha Review

Thu 27th May 2021 09:15 AM

Ek Mini Katha Telugu review

Ek Mini Katha
Ek Mini Katha

Release: May 27,2021



Cast: Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Brahmaji, Sudarshan, Sapthagiri, Posani Krishna Murali, Harshavardhan, and others

Direction: Karthik Rapolu

Written By: Merlapaka Gandhi

Cinematography: Gokul Bharathi

Editor: G.Sathya

Music: Praveen Lakkaraju

Banner: UV Concepts

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

What's Behind:

Santosh Sobhan, Kavya Thapar's Ek Mini Katha generated immense interest among viewers with its bold concept of discussing size. Merlapaka Gandhi who provided the story for the film increased the hype that he was inspired by popular sexologist Dr.Samaram's question and answer session in a magazine. Karthik Rapolu's directed Ek Mini Katha's trailer caught the attention of all with hilarious scenes and adult content. The film is getting streamed on Amazon Prime Video and lets us see what Ek Mini Katha offered to viewers.

Story Review:

A young civil engineer Santosh (Santosh Sobhan) suffers from an inferiority complex that he cannot discuss with anyone in the world. Right from his childhood, he suffers from a syndrome that he has a small size.

He loses sleep over it and tries various means to find a solution for his problem on his own. He starts doing his own research and finally decides to undergo surgery for enlargement.

Under these circumstances, his father (Brahmaji) worried about his weird behavior decides to get him married and performs his engagement with Amrutha (Kavya Thapar). Though he reluctantly agrees, he too starts falling in love with Amrutha. Whether Santosh's journey has a happy ending should be found out watching Ek Mini Katha.

Artists, Technicians Review:

Merlapaka Gandhi dared to be different and decided to touch upon an issue which many find awkward to discuss even in private. He should be complimented for coming out with a story discussing an issue which no other filmmaker dared to touch on the Indian silver screen. He ensured that in the process he does not cross the thin redline as it would have turned the film into an adult and porn film.

Karthik Rapolu with his direction executed Merlapaka Gandhi's story with his screenplay discussing the burning and the most prevalent issue in the society successfully and in an entertaining manner in the first half. However, after all the interesting start, Karthik loses steam and the story deviates dragging completely at a snail's pace.

The forced comedy scenes and Shraddha Das' role affected the film's tempo. Though the initial scenes in the film are interesting, the problem of the hero is not elevated as expected. This impacted the film as the narration progressed and after the first half everything fizzled away and the entire second half dragged with unnecessary and forced over-the-board family scenes.

G.Sathya's editing could have been better especially in the second half. Gokul Bharathi's cinematography is good and showed Hyderabad city in a beautiful manner. Praveen Lakkaraju's music is good and songs are shot in an appealing manner. UV Concepts production values are grand.

Santosh Sobhan should be commended for taking up this bold role. Generally, actors do not accept such roles due to their male egos. Santosh performed well exhibiting different expressions accordingly showing his frustration and at the same time comedy angle. Kavya Thapar did well and he attracted by her killer looks. Santosh and Kavya's chemistry worked out well. Brahmaji performed well as Santosh's father and Sudharshan attracts in his role as hero's friend Darshan. Saptagiri is ok but some of his scenes are forced. Shraddha Das tried her best to attract viewers but her role is completely forced.  Harshavardhan attracted as a psychiatrist.


Bold Concept

Santosh Sobhan's performance

Few hilarious scenes

Initial scenes

Music, BGM



Forced scenes




Rating Analysis:

Merlapaka Gandhi came with an extremely bold concept in form of Ek Mini Katha and Kartik Rapolu tried his best to elevate it on the screen. Santosh Shoban and Kavya Thapar did full justice to their roles and so too the technical team. For all their efforts and entertaining elements and bold attempt, the film should have got a good response. However, deviation from the subject forced comedy, and unwanted, unnecessary scenes impacted their efforts. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for Ek Mini Katha. 

Punchline: Ek Mini Katha's small size turns a small bore.