Cinema Bandi Review

Fri 14th May 2021 04:30 PM

Cinema Bandi Movie Telugu Review

Cinema Bandi
Cinema Bandi

Rating 2.75/5

Director: Praveen Kandregula


Cast: Vikas Vasistha, Sandeep Varanasi, Rag Mayur, Uma YG

Producers : Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K 

Music Director: Satyavolu Sirish

Cinematographers: Apoorva Shaligram and Sagar Y. V. V.

Editor: Kakarala Dharmendra and Girijala Raviteja

Release Date: Fri 14th May 2021

Punchline: Cinema Bandi: Common man's passion for cinema

What’s Behind?

Cinema Bandi directed by newcomer  Praveen Kandregula got all the media attention as it is produced by famed Bollywood producers  Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K who have been encouraging new talent under their banner D2R Indie. This is their first venture and thanks to their association, Cinema Bandi was acquired by the fancy amount by Netflix. Let us see how the film is received by the viewers.

Story Review:

Veera Babu(Vikas Vasistha) ferries people in his share auto in Gollapally village. Veera who with great difficulty makes his birth ends meet yet to convince his villagers not to leave the drought-hit village for greener pastures. One fine day he finds a DLR camera forgotten by some passenger in his auto. Veera who at the first instance decides to return it going to the police station changes his mind and decides to shoot a film carried away by news in a channel that anyone can make low budget films with such a camera. To realise his dream he ropes in Ganapati(Sandeep Varanasi) who is a wedding photographer as a cinematographer and barber Maridesh Babu(Rag Mayur)and Vegetable vendor Manga (Uma  Yaluvalli Gopalappa) as hero and heroine. Their travel in filmmaking forms the rest of the story in Cinema Bandi. 

Artists, Technicians Review:

Newcomer Praveen Kandregula selected a village backdrop for his story and tried to showcase how common people are fascinated and get carried away with film dreams. He came with a good story in the backdrop of interesting characters. The screenplay is good and he highlighted the problems and aspirations of the villagers realistically. He got the optimum from his cast and crew.  All the scenes are realistically shot and the way emotions are depicted between Veera Babu and his wife or between Maridesh and his lover Ganga and the villagers connect chords with the people. Comedy scenes like Ganga selling vegetables between the film shoot and a small boy entering impromptu also appeal to all. 

However, the narration is a bit slow at times and few unwanted comedy scenes acted as distractions. Even the scenes after the camera was lost also showed the pace of the film. Praveen Kandregula Could have tightened the script to make an even more powerful impact. On the technical front Approva Shaligram and Sagar Y. V. V. attracted by their cinematography. They naturally shot the visuals recreating the village atmosphere giving a realistic feel. Intact the cinematography turned out to be eye candy. Satyavolu Sirish impressed with his background music. He had given a new feel with his BGM. Kakarala Dharmendra and Girijala Raviteja is good but could have been better if they have done away with the little drags. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K should be complimented for taking up this project. 

Vikas Vasishta who played the lead role impressed all with his performance. He expressed and emoted naturally and realistically. Sandeep Varanasi also did full justice to his role. Trisha turned out to be the highlight of the film. She did the key role with great conviction. 



Screenplay and direction

Background music




Shooting episodes

Few comedy scenes

Rating Analysis:

Cinema Bandi directed by Praveen Kandregula is an honest attempt in highlighting the common man's dream for cinema. The story at times resembled Faiza Ahmed Khan’s documentary Supermen of Malegaon and Ram Reddy's Tithi but Praveen Kandregula succeeded in adding a new flavour. It is as if he blended  RK Narayan's Malgudi Days with  Vittorio De Sica Bicycle Thieves. The way Praveen highlighted the natural and realistic emotions despite little lags here and there and the natural performances of not only the lead actors but also the entire cast and crew, CJ goes with 2.75 ratings for Cinema Bandi.