Actress Roja Hospitalised

Mon 29th Mar 2021 08:29 PM IST

Selvamani On Roja’s Surgeries


Actress and YSRCP MLA Roja is hospitalized in a Chennai hospital as she underwent two major surgeries. Social media was fluttered with panic and the guessing kept happening as to what made Roja to get admitted in hospital. Panic was struck to Tollywood and among her fans.

The news was broken by her filmmaker husband RK Selvamani who updated her fans by putting out an audio clip in which he assured that she is doing fine and is recuperating well.


Selvamani further requested fans not to worry and urged them not to visit hospital as she needs rest. Currently she is in ICU wherein doctors performed two major surgeries, but the details of surgeries are not disclosed. Speaking about the long delay in surgeries, Selvamani said that woing to the elections and then followed by the pandemic it kept getting postponed but finally it happened now.

Selvamani thanked everyone for their wishes and prayers for Roja.

Actress Roja Hospitalised - CineJosh Updated on Mon 29th Mar 2021 09:05 PM IST
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