Gunjan Saxena: A Delight to Watch!

Thu 13th Aug 2020 04:08 PM

Sridevi’s Daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s debut Gunjan Saxena released on Netflix

Jahnvi Kapoor in Gunjan Saxena
Jahnvi Kapoor in Gunjan Saxena

Much awaited film of the season, Gunjan Saxena acted by Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of Sridevi released today on Netflix. The film is absolutely a delight to watch. An ultra-clean, patriotic, family and a war related film. All the way through, you can’t take your attention off from the cute and beautiful Janhvi. She picked such a daring, clean and beautiful role. Sridevi is clearly visible on screen in many scenes in the role of Gunjan.



Director never deviated from the core concept and story of the film and he will take you inside the military families and camps through the film.  You would never feel that you are actually watching a war film. Janhvi is not just beautiful on the screen but acted flawlessly in the character.


The film is truly emotional and meaningful. Character selection is perfect. Emotionally balancing with a great message about women. The crew, and officers especially her father character did their job in a professional way.


The film Beautifully picturized in the valleys and when watching on Netflix, it’s truly felt that this is a movie to be watched on a big screen. But, it’s not bad though, even watching on Netflix makes you more tuned to the film and emotions.


Janhvi must be appreciated for picking the film as any debut stars pick a romantic role with skin show and a glamour rich character. Janhvi surely picked a film which will make her mother’s soul feel proud. It is surely a great film and starting her career with this kind of film is truly appreciable.

Don’t wait. Just watch and feel Sreedevi. It’s surely a beautiful film. Thank you Janhvi.