Power star should watch 'Power Star' Film

Sun 26th Jul 2020 01:08 PM

RGV does constructive criticism of Pawan Kalyan in his film Power Star

Power Star film RGV sitting under Pawan foot
Power Star film RGV sitting under Pawan foot

Yes, Power Star Pawan Kalyan should watch RGV's Power Star film. Did RGV made fun of Pawan Kalyan? Did he scold him? or Did he praise him? Well the answer is yes for all. But the conclusion is, RGV did constructive criticism of Pawan Kalyan which is needed for any person especially who enjoys power. 

RGV tried to say through his film that, Pawan is actually a good person with his views towards the society and his thoughts and actions. At the same time, he pointed clearly that, Pawan always surrounded by people who praise him too much and always guide him in the wrong way. RGV did not leave even Trivikram for his dialogues for Pawan in real life on stages. RGV personally through his own character attacked Ravi Teja on behalf of Pawan Kalyan. Fans will surely like the climax. 

Except, Kathi Mahesh scene, which is sloppy and unrealistic, the remaining scenes are satirically believed to be true in the movie circles. It seems that RGV, did not innovate or bring new things to the film but put all the gossips together and gave his own lecture to Pawan. On some cases it felt like RGV actually wants to be with Pawan Kalyan and guide him through his journey. RGV even tried to inject some philosophy in his own style and surely this film is not against Pawan. 

The image above you see is from climax where in one shot, RGV was sitting under Pawan's foot. Can we trust RGV? No, isn't it? Let's keep an eye.