Aswathama Trailer: Mysterious!

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 06:05 PM

Aswathama Trailer Review

Aswathama Trailer
Aswathama Trailer

Naga Shaurya who penned the story of Aswathama based on real life incidents seems to have taken inspiration from recent hit Rakshasudu for investigation sequences. After intriguing with teaser, makers of the film released trailer nearly a week ahead of the film’s theatrical outing.

Going by the trailer, Aswathama is about a psych killer whose target is females. Naga Shaurya is keen to resolve the case and catch the psycho. The real intentions of the serial killer and the reason for Shaurya’s special interest on the case are not shown. The last episode of malicious smile of Naga Shaurya after finding the psycho is best part of the trailer.


All in all, Aswathama trailer promises the film is going to be an edge of the seat thriller with some spine chilling elements. Sricharan Pakala gives mysterious mood to the trailer.

Directed by Ramana Teja and co-starring Mehreen Kaur Pirzada, Aswathama is gearing up for release on 31st of this month.

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