Funny SMS on 'Simha' theatres with 'Magadheera'!

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Funny SMS on 'Simha' theatres with 'Magadheera'!
Funny SMS on 'Simha' theatres with 'Magadheera'!

When ever it’s the time for release of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s movie, outsiders work more creative than the movie technical team. Creativity of regular movie buffs out bounds Balakrishna’s movie. Phones will be filled with funny SMS and mail boxes with cartoons and jokes on his release.

Although this is only meant for funny reading but not to hurt any is just one for you: 

1. Here is an interesting discussion between Theatre owner and his employee ticket seller.

Ticket Seller: Boss, iam sorry. No one is ready to buy tickets for today’s release ‘Simha
Owner: Sell it Rs.1 for each ticket
Ticket Seller: Boss, we don’t get profits and we may run into heavy losses
Owner: Once they enter the theatre, after 10 minutes from the starting of movie start selling exit passes at Rs.200 each then we will make good money.

2. Dialogue from Simha’s movie which is a coped version from Magadheera.

సింహా వస్తున్నాడంటే ప్రజల కన్నా ముందు ప్రకృతి పసిగడుతుంది...
సినిమా హాల్లో ఈగలు దూరంగా ఎగిరిపోతాయి...
స్పీడుగా వెళుతున్న ట్రెయిన్ ఒక్క సారిగా ఆగిపోతుంది...
తెల్లని గుర్రం బురదలో దొర్లి నల్లగా మారిపోతుంది...
అప్పుడు వాడు మండే అగ్ని గోలంలా కాదు మతి భ్రమించిన మాయగాడిగా పిచ్చెక్కిస్తాడు...