George Reddy Live Tweet Review

Thu 21st Nov 2019 08:16 PM

George Reddy Tweet Review

George Reddy Tweet Review
George Reddy Tweet Review
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George Reddy, biopic of Osmania University Student Leader, who founded PDSU, is releasing tomorrow with premiere shows tonight. The film directed by Jeevan Reddy starred Sandeep Madhav in titular role and Satyadev in a key role. Having generated good buzz, makers are enough confident to screen premiere shows tonight. CJ team is here to present you exclusive updates of George Reddy. Stay tuned.

- A girl Muskan from USA lands in India to make a film on George Reddy.

-  George Reddy childhood scenes from Kerala.

-  George Reddy introduction and direct into OU campus hostel.

- George is a gem at MSc Maths class room.

- George love story and Royal Enfield song. 

-  A purposeful canteen fight exposing the politics in OU campus. 

- A row of well executed interesting episodes in campus where George is challenging the upper caste dominance. Movie picks up the momentum.

-  George before leaving to Bombay convenes a meeting in campus attended by 5000 students. Crucial and all important phllosophy... RAISE YOUR VOICE BEFORE TRUTH DIES... It's interval. 


First half is all about showcasing George's ideology inspired from Russian Revolution, Che Guera, Bhagat Singh and so many other revolutionary personalities. Best part is the team succeeded in creating the authentic retro 70s mood. George's rebellion against caste, creed, religion and his raise of voice against the bias.

- 2nd half starts with Campus Elections.

- ABVP aka ABCD Vs PS aka PDSU. 

- George Reddy wins the campus election battle.

- For the first time, George shows his power outside campus stopping the evacuation of slum lands.

-  First murder attack on George and all important blade fight in rain.

- George begins fight against Farmer Suicides.

- OU in fire as George's protests turn violent.

- George's movement gets support from all corners of student associations across country.

-  Most important scene, one more murder attack on George at Engg College hostel and he is stabbed to death.

Second half is all about George Reddy winning the campus elections and extending his ideology for the sake of farmers thus irking the opponents more which eventually led to his death.

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