Kamal Hurt Rajini With His Frankness

Sun 10th Nov 2019 11:18 AM

When Kamal Haasan Hurt Rajinikanth With His Frankness

Kamal Haasan Rajinikanth
Kamal Haasan Rajinikanth

Super Star Rajinikanth and Lokanayakudu Kamal Haasan are the two eyes of the Kollywood. Both have an immense fan following, stardom and craze and share good bonding and are thick friends.

Both came from K Balachander school and they at the start of the career shared screen presence. Though both trodden different paths, they continued their friendship. Now they are doing the same entering politics.


Kamal Haasan revealed that he once hurt Rajini with his frankness. He said Rajini told him that he was doing a film with Mani Ratnam and the title was Dalapathi.

Kamal said the moment he heard the title, he frankly told him on Rajini's face that he did not like it and this hurt Rajini a lot.

Kamal said he heard the title, not as Dalapathi but Ganapathi and that was the reason why he told that he did not like the title. He said he even commented that it looked like Vinayaka Chaviti festival and then Rajini who was unable to understand once again explained to him the film title and then he told him that the title Dalapathi was very good.

He said when Rajini told him that he planned to quit films, he advised him against thinking on those lines.