Charan Clarity On Films With Pawan And Akira

Sun 27th Oct 2019 10:36 AM

Ram Charan RRR Release Date, Films With Pawan And Akira

Ram Charan Pawan Kalyan Akira
Ram Charan Pawan Kalyan Akira
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Mega Power Star Ram Charan is on a high making his dad Mega Star Chiranjeevi realize his dream of starring in the role of a freedom fighter with Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, a film on freedom fighter Uyyalawda Narasimha Reddy. Speaking to scribes, Charan revealed that he turned emotional and tears rolled down his eyes, after seeing Sye Raa climax.

 When the scene where the British hang Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy was shot on my dad, I was in the sets of RRR. But when I watched the scene on screen, tears rolled down my eyes. We couldn't see the way his head gets chopped off on screen. Frankly speaking, it took us two months' time to decide on the climax and the scene. It is known that in Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy's life, the British after hanging him to death hung his head to the Fort for more than 30 years. We thought whether we should shoot the scene in a similar manner or stop with the hanging scene and end with a voice over with patriotic dialogue. Later after intense discussions, we decided to shoot the scene as it is but in order not to hurt the sentiments of the viewers, we have taken few cinematic liberties.

On Pawan Kalyan's role in Sye Raa:

If we cast Babai in any role it should be as per his stature. That role is not there in Sye Raa. However we decided from the beginning that we should get the voice over done by Pawan Babai for the film. Though Big B Amitabh's role is small, we cast him as it is the role of Narasimha Reddy's mentor. He is great as he did the role without thinking about the duration and length. This is a testimony to Chiru-Amitabh's friendship. Though he couldn't attend the promos due to health issues, he sent us a special message congratulating us after watching the film.

On sharing screen presence with his dad Chiranjeevi in his 152 and Lucifer remake:

Not true. Currently dad is listening to Koratala and Trivikram's stories. I don’t know whether I have roles suited for me in those films. Koratala did not tell me till now. If dad feels that my presence will be good for the film, I will definitely do. Coming to Lucifer, it is true that we have got the rights. I am not there in the project. We will reveal who will direct the film soon.

On doing Chiru's dream project Bhagat Singh:

Definitely. Which star will refuse to star in the role of such a great freedom fighter story? If I get Bhagat Singh story, I will not let it go.

On starring in his Dad's biopic though he said 'NO':

I don’t dare to remake father's roles and so starring in his biopic will never happen. I feel it is not right for me to star in his role. If I star in Chiru's biopic, Charan will also be there. If I do my dad's role, who should play my role? Even if I do the role, should I see Charan or dad in it? When I have to do a scene with Charan, how should I see myself. So, this is a confusing concept. So I feel the decision not to star in his biopic is the right decision.

On his dream project just like his dad's Sye Raa:

I love to star in a sports drama. I started a sports drama 'Merupu' sometime back with RB Chowdhary. Due to some reasons, it got shelved. I didn't get such project again. Recently I liked the sports genre film Jersey. This is actually father-son relationship but the makers' involved cricket in it in a beautiful manner. In Dhruva I attempted in a song. But I wish to star in an emotional sports drama.

On Pawan's reentry and film in his production:

Currently Pawan Babai did not agree any film. But he is listening to numerous stories. We have to see what decision he takes. Though even I love to do a film with Babai, I wish to star under his production. Let's see whether Babai will give me such opportunity before next elections.

On promising Pawan to introduce his son Akira:

Such discussions did not happen between me and Babai. However, if I get a chance to introduce Akhira in my banner, it will be the happiest moment. Whenever he wishes to come to films, we are ready.

RRR coming to standstill and postponement:

Nothing of those sorts. Everything’s going as per schedule. I cannot say how much shoot is complete, but my role is going on par with NTR. It will come as per the announced release date.

On Upasana's tweet on Modi:

Rather than stars speaking on these issues, Movie Artists Association (MAA) or elders in the society are the right people to talk. Upasana did not criticize PM Modi anywhere in her tweet. She very decently expressed her anguish. Khushboo took it to another level. I came to know about Upasana's tweet after a few days. When I asked she told 'I did without informing you as otherwise you would have refused me to post the tweet to PM Modi'. All this is her thought process.

On a project with Koratala:

I have decided to do a film with Koratala longtime back. However, I couldn't adjust the dates due to RRR. As per the dates allocated to him, we started Chiru's 152. With dad showing interest in doing with Koratala and Siva too expressing his interest, the project took off. I told Siva that after RRR, I will allocate him call sheets.

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