Saaho 5 Days Collections, Huge Drop!

Wed 04th Sep 2019 11:32 AM

Saaho 5 Days Worldwide Box Office Collections Shares

Saaho Collections
Saaho Collections
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Young Rebel Star Prabhas and Sraddha Kapoor starrer high voltage action entertainer Saaho had a phenomenal start at the box office as it broke several box office records. But, the collections have dropped around 50 to 60 % on Tuesday, as Holiday weekend has come to end.

Drop was inevitable considering Saaho was receiving negative reports from all the corners. The worrying part is that the drop is much more than the expected level. Saaho has collected Rs 70.13 Cr in Telugu states and Rs 112.22 Cr worldwide for five days. Here is breakup list:

AREA                                   SHARE (IN CRORES)

--------------------                ----------------------------------------

NIZAM                                        24.80

CEDED                                        10.18

NELLORE                                    3.72

KRISHNA                                     4.64

GUNTUR                                     7.26

VIZAG                                          7.90

EAST GODAVARI                      6.56

WEST GODAVARI                     5.07

TOTAL AP & TS SHARE           70.13

KARNATAKA                             7.10

ROI                                               16.72

OVERSEAS                                  18.27

TOTAL WW SHARE                   112.22

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