Pawan Fans Trolling, She Quits SM

Tue 03rd Sep 2019 03:19 PM

Nikesha Patel Trolled By Pawan Kalyan Fans

Pawan Kalyan Nikesha Patel
Pawan Kalyan Nikesha Patel
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Actress Nikesha Patel who romanced Pawan Kalyan in Puli has come under severe trolling from the fans of the Power Star over a typo while wishing Pawan Kalyan on his birthday (2nd September).

Nikesha Patel made a typographical error when she mentioned 'Pawala Kalyan' instead of Pawan Kalyan. The fans of the Power Star did not take her mistake lightly as they criticized her in strong words.

"Happy birthday @PawanKalyan #Pawanism #PawankalyanBirthday #Pawankalyan #happybirthdaypowerstar #HappyBirthdayPawanKalyan hope I got the tags right this time! Social media gets too complicated. Dont know how you all keep up with it. [sic]" she posted.

Although Nikesha corrected the mistake, she forgot to delete the previous post which further angered the fans. "My apologies after correction I had forgotten to delete sorry if anyone got hurt. Happy ganesha. #pspk #pawankalyan. [sic]" she tweeted.

As there were no signs of change in the Pawan Kalyan's fans' behavior, Nikesha Patel lost her cool and decide to leave the social media for a short while.

"Wish media and #pspk fans would calm down with the trolling. It was trending and without noticing a spelling mistake I pressed. have no intentions on hurting #pawankalyan I repeat #PAWANKALYAN !!! He has all my love and respect. [sic].

And its idiots out there who create such trending hashtags and I get into trouble for it. I give up on social media. I'm of social media for some time. Keep the negativity going and keep the trolling going while I'm not listening. [sic]" she tweeted.

Many of Pawan Kalyan fans accused Nikesha Patel of intentionally making the blunder to garner publicity.

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