Saaho Worldwide Breakeven Numbers

Wed 28th Aug 2019 09:06 AM

Saaho Breakeven Numbers For All Areas

Saaho Box Office
Saaho Box Office
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Did you ever see young rebel star Prabhas promoting his film vigorously like he is doing now for Saaho. He did not even promote his last movie Baahubali this much. Because of his shy nature Prabhas doesn’t like to come out to public platforms and express his views. But, for Saaho, he is leaving no stone unturned to hype the buzz on the film.

Saaho has done exceptional pre-release business breaking all non-Baahubali records, thanks to the huge craze on the film. Saaho is the immediate release for Prabhas after Baahubali and promos of the film too glorified the prospects. To cash on the craze, buyers invested hugely on Saaho releasing in a couple of days. So, the film needs to do equally record business at theaters to recover the investments.

Do you want to know the breakeven figures of Saaho in various areas? Here is the list:

AP/TS -125 Cr Share

North India -120 Cr Nett

Karnataka -28 Cr Share

Kerala -8 Cr Gross

Tamil Nadu – 38 Cr Gross

Overseas -$12Million Gross

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