Prabhas Sarcasm On Affair Rumors

Wed 21st Aug 2019 05:46 PM

Prabhas on his relation with Anushka

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Despite repeated clarifications, Young Rebel Star Prabhas is getting flooded with questions over his affair with Sweety Anushka. It is known that ever since the sensation of Baahubali, Prabhas marriage became the hot topic for discussion across the country and many rumors spread about his relationship with Anushka.

There were reports that Prabhas and Anushka were in secret live in relation and they were planning to buy a house in Los Angeles, USA and that was the reason he is rejecting all the marriage proposals his family members are getting him.

Rumors also have it that Prabhas' family members did not accept his relationship with Anushka as she hails from different caste and Prabhas is rejecting all the proposals to force his family members to agree for his marriage with Anushka.

Prabhas rubbished all these rumors saying his family members are looking for a suitable girl and marriage will happen when it has to and hoped it will be love marriage.

With papparazi pestering him with the same questions, Prabhas turned furious and came with the sarcastic reply. He said, “I feel these link up rumors with Anushka will end only when either I or Anushka get married. I will call her and tell "Either you get married or I'll get married".

He added "If our affair is true then for two years we cannot hide and sit in a room without getting caught from anyone. I think it will never stop though we thought the rumors will die down with the passage of time."

Prabhas then sarcastically said, “If we are in relation, we would have been in a beach or in Italy enjoying the romantic life".

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