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Manmadhudu 2 Live Review Tweet Review

Manmadhudu 2
Manmadhudu 2

Akkineni Nagarjuna, the evergreen Manmadhudu of Telugu cinema is here to entertain us with Manmadhudu 2 arriving today in theatres. Directed by Rahul Ravindran and co-starring Rakul Preet Singh as the female lead, definitely promotional material hinted to show Nag in a new look and new characterization. With decent expectations from common audience and especially Nag Fans hopeful about a feast, here CJ comes with our team to present you live and first review updates of the film from the US...   

- Promising introduction, the funny back story sets Manmadhudu kind of tone.


- It is odd to hear adult dialogues from Nagarjuna. Let’s wait and watch on how it blends with the rest of the movie/story.

- Another funny to-be episode with Keerthy Suresh.

- The first song with montages of Sam’s (Nagarjuna) multiple romantic stories.

- Avantika (Rakul Preet Singh) comes in as a waiter in Restaurant.

- Vennela Kishore is hilarious with situational comedy.

- Director Rahul scores brownie points presenting engaging family drama between Sam’s family and Avantika.

- Comedy with emotional scenes makes up a good interval bang.

First half Report: Engaging drama with hilarious situational comedy makes good first half. Manmadhudu 2 has enough substance to be a hit movie if the second half is equally good.

- Second half starts with adult comedy which connects with today’s generation.

- Though songs are boring background score is in line with the movie theme. 

- Special mention, Nagarjuna and Rakul’s onscreen combo is convincing.

- The movie ends with Sam revealing the act he planned with Avantika after a couple of emotional scenes.

Final Verdict:

Manmadhudu 2(He loves women) is a remake of I Do, a 2006 French film that was a box office phenomenon in its home country.

Director Rahul sticks to the structure of the original and this largely helps this film because more than story and plot, this is a film that is about its lead characters. The second half of this was entirely predictable and almost lost the viewer as it strictly followed the script. The first half proved much more entertaining with the plan of pseudo-couple. 

Rahul gets the crucial element of casting right and has the right sensibilities to execute this story.

Nagarjuna has added another decade in his acting career by picking a story which suits his age and connects with the current generation.

Vennela Kishore is the saviour of this movie with exceptional comic timing.

Rakul suits the character and paired well with Nagarjun.

Lakshmi is the queen of nuances.

Jhansi, Deva darshini and LBW heroine are apt as sisters.

Cinematography is in sync with the movie. Taking of the movie is similar to Oopiri 

Commercially masses might not connect with the content but overall it is an ok watch.

Manmadhudu 2 Live Review - CineJosh Updated on Fri 09th Aug 2019 07:32 AM IST
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