Dear Comrade Review (Live)

Thu 25th Jul 2019 11:03 PM

Dear Comrade Review Live, Dear Comrade Tweet Review

Dear Comrade Review
Dear Comrade Review
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Genex Star Vijay Deverakonda's Dear Comrade is arriving today across the globe. With sky high expectations and the film being a repeat of super hit Geetha Govindam combination of Vijay and Rashmika Mandanna, obviously director Bharat Kamma is hopeful of one more blockbuster to credit. Here is our CJ team from the USA will present you the exclusive Dear Comrade live... tweet review and the show will begin here at 3.30 AM IST. Stay tuned.

- Movie starts with showing Vijay as drunkard and talking about his lost love Lilly.

- Flashing back to Chaitanya(Vijay Deverakonda) alias Bobby’s past introducing him as student union leader.

- Titles rolling with Dear Comrade theme song followed by hero’s elevation scenes.

- Introducing Rashmika(Lilly) in typical commercial format. Realistic approach makes it different from other movies. 

- Engaging gully cricket episode. Lilly as state level player is convincing.

- Here comes Neeli neeli konnulloni song with refreshing montage shots.

- It is good to hear Godavari dialect from Vijay Deverakonda.

- Beautifully composed Kadalalle song.

- First half ends with flash back episode.

First Half Report: Pleasant and beautiful love story accompanied with soothing songs and engaging background score.

- Lilly and Bobby meeting again. Let’s see how their journey proceeds.

- Movie is progressing in intense tone.

- Lilly’s flashback about reason to leave cricket bringing in a sensitive topic.

- Movie ends with Lilly’s outburst in court scene.


Final Verdict:

Fight for what you love is the theme of Dear Comrade and story is about boy supporting his girl’s career and how he solves the political issues that she faces in her path.

Dear Comrade is centered on a universal theme which made makers to promote it in all South Indian languages. This movie had one liner story which needed hell of an effort in screenplay. First half takes you through soothing love story and actual theme of the movie is revealed in second half with boring and not so engaging scenes. A better second half would have made this a super hit movie.

For a film that gravitates and leans too much on the central characters, Rashmika’s  and Vijay clearly does not disappoint. In Dear Comrade, Vijay’s brought in a somewhat subtler version of Arjun Reddy, against the backdrop of student politics.  Music and cinematography are commendable. Bharat Kamma has choosen realistic approach in narrating this story which makes it to stand out from others.

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