Evaru Teaser: What’s The Secret?

Fri 19th Jul 2019 07:23 PM

Evaru Teaser Review Response Talk

Evaru Teaser
Evaru Teaser

Adivi Sesh who is thrilling of late with experimental, unique and content rich films is coming up with yet another intriguing film Evaru which is billed to be a crime thriller.

Evaru teaser begins with Regina Cassandra being arrested in a murder case as prime suspect and then Sesh makes entry as a corrupt police officer Vikram Vasudev from Tamil Nadu state. Almost all the lead characters in the film are shown in the teaser including Naveen Chandra.


The quote “Behind every story there’s a secret,” notifies there’s a hidden secret behind this story as well. The teaser ends on a suspicious note with the dialogue uttered by Sesh, “Police murder antunnaru… Meru rape antunnavu… Rendu nijalu kakapothe,” suspecting Regina’s role in the murder.

All in all, Evaru teaser promises the film is going to be an edge of the seat thriller like Kshanam. Cinematography and BGM gives a thrilling experience.

Directed by first timer Venkat Ramji under PVP Cinemas banner, Evaru is scheduled for release on August 15th.

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