Chai-Sams Share Romantic Secrets

Sun 31st Mar 2019 07:12 PM

Majili Promotions: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Share Secrets

Majili photo
Majili photo
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Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are romancing each other for the first time on screen after their marriage in Majili directed by Siva Nirvana of Ninnu Kori fame. Chai-Sams as they are popularly known as shared their romantic secrets on the eve of the film's release on April 5.

Chaitu on wielding bat in Majili:

I never played cricket seriously except holding the bat for fun as a kid. Same is the case with other sports. Till a year back, I do not even know how to hold bat properly. However for the film I trained in cricket. I underwent training under Ranji players. Generally after the films shoot, I used to go to gym. But this time for this film after the shoot I went to cricket coaching. Akhil is also there and his tips helped me a lot. He told me in detail about the thought process of a professional cricketer and his expressions on field. 

Akhil can prove himself:

There is no doubt on Akhil's talent. He dances and fights well and works extremely hard. If he gets suitable script, he can prove himself. Anyways, he did only three films and he has lot of way to go. Though he tasted failures, his future will be good. I have full confidence in him. 

About married life:

I looked for the post of a husband since long time. I like responsibilities. I like house, wife, kids and this system. I enjoyed a lot without any responsibilities in life and now time has come to settle in life. So I married Samantha.

We changed a lot for both of us. Marriage means compromising and anyone should change. Our personalities are different but a common point brought us together. Other things we should change. If love is there, change is not different. Love will change us for the good.

About Samantha:

Samantha gets along with everyone. We do not have any formalities in my house. So I have no fear. To the top of it, I did not introduce Samantha saying 'your daughter in law' at the first instance. I took her to lunch, parties at my house and introduced her to my house, environment and family members slowly. Samantha came from middle class and her mindset is good. She reached stardom with hard work and can adjust under any circumstances.

Taking the initiative:

I was scared to tell in the house that I will marry Samantha in the house. However, everyone understood me. The moment I told, 'I will marry Samantha', dad asked 'Why do you want to marry Samantha only? Can both of you live happily after marriage? I was able to answer him. It is needed for father to question me in such manner. It is the responsibility of parents to question as they have their own fears. To the top of it, I will get clarity on myself. The question helped me to pacify me and have confidence on my future'

About getting angry on sets:

I get furious if things do not happen in time. If I go to sets in the morning and if I feel that shooting is not starting though everything is in place, producer inside me come out and I get angry. We have lot of energy early morning. I feel we should use them optimum. Except during that time, I do not get angry. Even if I get, I will not show on everyone.


Relation When talk about films:

We do not converse as actor-actor equation. We converse as husband and wife relation. 

Will you stop wearing glamorous dresses if family says no?

Yes. I will 100% follow it. I follow it even if one member in my family says. That is my personality. The only thing I hate is 'I am like it and that’s it'. Compromises will be there in all relationships. We should mould and change ourselves. My father in law Nagarjuna called and asked ' Super Deluxe seems to be a big hit. You did not tell me. You did not send me a trailer' I told 'since you are busy I decided not to disturb'. Nag questioned, 'Did I tell I am busy'. He supports me as he supports his sons.

Generally after marriage, people advice women asking them to keep the dignity and honor of in laws house. Don't women have any responsibility about saving the dignity of their parents?

My parents brought boys and girls equally and same is the case with Chaitu's family. So, one cannot bring down anyone's dignity. One should take care of their own dignity. My mother in law too follow my instagram. I never think that I should be conservative and not to hurt her as she is following me. My family did not instill fear about mother in law in me. Such peace of mind should be there in all married woman.

Can we expect Jr Samantha, Jr Chaitu in another three years?

Oh My god..3 years? Not so long. 

Do you call your mother in law aunty or attayya

I call her as Amma. She calls me Sams.

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