Lakshmi’s NTR Live Review (First On Net)

Thu 28th Mar 2019 10:26 PM

Lakshmi’s NTR Tweet Review Updates

Lakshmi's NTR Review
Lakshmi's NTR Review
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Legendary NTR, the pride of Telugu people’s biography was never this exciting as Telugu audience across the globe are awaiting to watch NTR’s life from Lakshmi Parvathi’s perspective presented through Ram Gopal Varma’s eye. Lakshmi’s NTR is filled with full of controversies as RGV has clearly put in the film’s core theme on how Chandra Babu Naidu and NTR’s sons backstabbed him in last stages. 

Lakshmi’s NTR stars P. Vijay Kumar, Yagna Shetty and Sri Tej in the lead roles, jointly directed by Ram Gopal Varma and Agasthya Manju.

After crossing plenty of hurdles in release and Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections standing at the door step, how far Lakshmi’s NTR will influence the voter’s mindset? Let’s find it first from our exclusive live review…

- Titles rolling with pictures of NTR capturing important incidents in his life.

- After brief introduction of NTR in RGV’s voiceover, movie starts with introduction of Lakshmi Parvathi’s Character.

- First song is here, showing initial bond between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi’s character.

- Introduction of movies antagonist... CBN

- Set up seems very authentic. Actors are doing good job so far. Casting has been done with care. Everything compliments the story.

- Music and songs are good. 

- Movie is going in brisk pace involving NTR’s family, NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi.


First Half Report: No drop in emotional graph till now. RGV holds audience with story and performances. Decent first half.

- Scenes of CBN using media to show Lakshmi parvathi in bad light.

- Makers did not hesitate in showing Ramoji Rao being part of false propaganda.

- Scenes of NTR winning 1994 elections with huge majority.

- To be important part of the movie.. Viceroy episode starts. 

- Major jolt in NTR’s life followed by Vennupotu song.

Rama Rama Rama background score is haunting.

Movie ends with CBN taking Chief ministers office and NTR’s demise.

Second Half Report: Few dull moments and not so gripping second half.

Final Report: The film looked promising in the beginning and seemed like extension to NTR-Kathanayakudu and NTR-Mahanayakudu.

It's near impossible for anyone of the past, present or future actors to enact and recreate the aura of NTR on screen, P Vijay Kumar did reasonably good job. Shri tej who played CBN's character(actor who played YSR in NTR's Mahanayakudu) stood out among the actors. Yagna Shetty was okay. Actors who played Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna and Mohan Babu were funny.

There are few dull moments here and there and few sequences does go overboard but it also has moments that arrests you. Overall a decent first half becomes a tad slow with few dramatic sequences in the second half but overall a one time watch movie to know the last years of legendary actor. 

Bottom line: RGV's case study on Lakshmi Parvathi's NTR.

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