Prabhas Aunt On His Marriage

Fri 08th Mar 2019 05:53 PM

Prabhas' aunt reacts to rumors of his marriage

Prabhas Aunt
Prabhas Aunt
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Just like 'Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?" became top trending, for quite some time, Young Rebel Star Prabhas's marriage also became the hot topic. Speculation is increasing as to when he gets married.

Prabhas postponed his marriage for five years for Rajamouli's dream project Baahubali and now he is postponing his marriage to cash in to the new found stardom post Baahubali across the world.

Currently he is busy with two projects Saaho and Amor/Jaan and is also planning a Bollywood flick. In between many rumors spread about his affair and live in relation with his co star Anushka Shetty, but Prabhas remained silent and only once he clarified that there was no truth in it.

Prabhas however is getting furious on those who speak about his marriage. He already gave ultimatum to his uncle Krishnam Raju who once spoke about his marriage. Reacting to Krishnam Raju's comments that Prabhas was not a small kid and he knows when he gets married and also he may get married by this year end, Prabhas asked him not to talk about his marriage topic with the scribes.

Meanwhile, none other than Prabhas’s aunt, Syamala Devi, wife of Krishnam Raju in an interview spoke about his marriage. “Whatever news came about Prabhas' marriage till now are just rumors. None of them are true. Prabhas never used to show interest whenever marriage topic came and always used to talk about his films. Even when we asked, he used to say, he would speak only after completion of both his projects. Since he is set to complete his projects, we will soon reveal about his marriage," she said.

When asked what kind of bride Prabhas and his family members are looking for, she said, “Girl should mingle with each and everyone as ours is a very big family. Every year Krishnam Raju celebrates a get together in a good resort and so all the girls who entered our family till now mingled with everyone. So we are looking for a girl who gets along well with all our family members.”

When asked about gossips about Prabhas marriage, she replied, “We do not bother about them. We along with Prabhas in fact enjoy those gossips.” Reacting to whether the gossips are a part of conspiracy to tarnish Prabhas' image, she said, “No… That is not right... We will be even happier if fans get delighted when they hear Prabhas is getting married to so and so girl. Gossips spread on TV channels and media are only for the entertainment of fans and for their TRPs."

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