Charan Responds To VVR Debacle

Tue 05th Feb 2019 12:33 PM

Ram Charan About Vinaya Vidheya Rama Flop

Ram Charan About Vinaya Vidheya Rama Flop
Ram Charan About Vinaya Vidheya Rama Flop
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Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Sankranthi release Vinaya Vidheya Rama which released with high expectations failed miserably at box office. The film directed by Boyapati Srinu received extreme negative talk from critics and audience alike. Trade pundits predicted the film will become an epic disaster.

Yes, Vinaya Vidheya Rama ended as a disaster, but the range was not an epic disaster. Buyers incurred nearly 30% losses. Ram Charan’s stamina, makers huge promotions and fans support helped the film to recover 70% of investment.

Ram Charan who was mum all these days has finally responded to the debacle result of VVR. He released a press statement to thank his makers and fans. Here is Ram Charan’s statement:

My Dear fans and audiences across the world,

I feel extremely honoured and humbled by all the love and adoration showered upon me and my films. 

I would like to thank each and every technician who strove day and night to execute 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama'. No amount of words are sufficient to describe the support extended by our producer DVV Danayya Garu. I will always be grateful to my distributors and exhibitors who believed in our film and backed it.

We worked really hard to deliver a film which would entertain all of you. Unfortunately, the vision  could not get translated properly on screen and we could not meet your expectations.

However, your immense love and adoration has and will always push me to work harder and deliver better films which meet your expectations

I would like to thank the media who have supported me through thick and thin.  

Thank you for all the love and support.

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