Secret Behind Disaster Mystery

Tue 05th Feb 2019 09:04 AM

Hurried decisions drowned Mr Majnu

Mr Majnu Box Office Result
Mr Majnu Box Office Result
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Akkineni fans for long dreamed of an actor from Akkineni Khandan who has the looks and can rule the industry casting a magic spell with his personality and performance. They felt that Akhil with his handsome and charming personality and also with his dances and stunts can shake Tollywood and rule the industry becoming a top star.

Even Nagarjuna and Akkineni family felt the same and promoted Akhil in a big manner even before the release of his debut film. With Akhil becoming the first star to endorse top brands even before his debut, his handsome and charming looks, cricket talent and the powerful cameo in Akkineni's generational family multi starrer Manam, set the ball rolling.

Many felt, Tollywood will be having new super star and fans started calling him as Akkineni Prince. But all their dreams came crashing down as Akhil got shocks in form of three disasters Akhil-The Power of Jua, Hello and more recently Mr Majnu.

Generally the moment reshoots talk about the ongoing projects spread, people used to talk about it negatively. So, many stars used to rubbish the reshoot rumors. However King Nagarjuna openly confesses that his films indeed were reshot and justified saying it is better to have reshoots and do course correction rather than proceeding ahead, burn hands and lament the decision when the film flops.

Nag confessed that his films like Soggade Chinni Naayana were reshot many times and finally he scored a blockbuster. Nag followed the same strategy for his son Naga Chaitanya's Ra Randoi Veduka Chooddaam. He insisted on reshoots and the final output turned the film into a decent one. Had the makers persisted with the original, it would have turned out to be a disaster.

Many are now wondering why Nag's strategy is not working in case of his youngest son Akhil. Since Akhil The Power of Jua was a scrap, Nag's efforts failed miserably. Even though Nag looked after Hello, it did not give him favorable results. It is not clear how much Nag concentrated on Mr Majnu.

First half turned out to be decent but the second half left all shell-shocked. Wonder why Nag left the second half in such a manner.

Little bit of concentration from Nagarjuna on Mr Majnu's second half would have attracted movie lovers. For a hero like Akhil, half-baked stories will not work out. The over confidence of Mr Majnu makers that the movie can reach profit zone banking on the first half, gave him a huge shock.

Many feel Mr Majnu makers put themselves in lot of pressure by announcing the release date longtime back and this forced them to complete the second half in a jiffy. Wonder why so much hurry in a film that could have made Akhil's career at the box office.

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