NTR Kathanayakudu Live Tweet Review

Wed 09th Jan 2019 05:47 AM

NTR Kathanayakudu Live Review Twitter Updates

NTR Kathanayakudu Live Review
NTR Kathanayakudu Live Review
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Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna’s dream project Ntr Biopic’s first installment Ntr Kathanayakudu is releasing worldwide today. Vidya Balan has enacted Basavatarakam in the film directed by Krish.

Given the enormous charm and epic personality who is called as pride of Telugu Cinema, obviously expectations are too high on this first Sankranti release. After the hit Gauthami Putra Satakarni, once again Balakrishna and Krish are raring to present us the life of legend Ntr.  

Stay connected to CJ for Ntr Kathanayakudu Tweet Live Review Updates from a special premiere:

- Movie begins, maiden production of Balakrsihna. Vidya Balan aka Basavatarakam is in Hospital treated for cancer.

- 1947 Bejawada, NBK'S eNtry as Ntr, works at registrar office.

- Rama Rao decides to enter film industry as Kathanayakudu, off to Madras.

- Titles rolling with Kathanayaka song. Ntr references in various getups shown.

- Ntr first photo shoot. His first screen appearance in Mana Desham.

- Ntr initial struggles in industry, well shot.

- Ntr'S 1st stint as hero, great elevation, real meaning of heroism exhibited.

- Rama Rao is selected for the iconic Thota Ramudu character in Pathala Bhairavi.

- KV Reddy played by Krish calls Ntr the first super star of Indian cinema.

-Tarakam closely watching Rama Rao performing live on movie sets.

- Rama Rao's fund raising for Rayalaseema wellness. Cheyethi Jai Kottu Telugoda song, perfect timing.

- Rama Rao starts own production to iNtroduce his friends as directors, hearttouching moments.

- Every time, Ntr, Tarakam seen together, there's magic everywhere.

- Ntr in Lord Sri Krishna avatar for Mayabazar, best scene so far goosebump moment.

- Harathulu for Ntr in Lord Balaji avatar.

- Telugu cinema sthayi penchali thammudu--Ntr to his brother on his debut directorial sets. Ntr dedication levels are shown. Keeravani elevation with his BGM.

- Nandamuri Balakrishna naming ceremony.

- Ntr, ANR, Savitri together, an eye feast.

- Ntr shoots despite his son Ramakrishna's death. Kanna bidda kanna cinema antha goppadaa...

- Interval.

- Emergency in India. Ntr fights with police.

- Ntr, ANR cigarette smoking scenes, treat for both the fan groups.

- Chitram Bhalare Vichitram song between NBK, Shriya.

- Dana Veera Soora Karna- Emantivi song on screen, fans Palabhishekam for Ntr in theaters.

- Chilaka kottudu Kodithe song between NBK, Hansika.

- Diviseema uppena episode elaborated with Venditera song, very emotive.

- Ntr-ANR fundraising for diviseema victims, heartwarming.

- Fans treating Ntr as God is explained with a scene.

- Aku chatu pinde thadise song between NBK, Rakul.

- Dasari touches Ntr feat during movie shoot.

- Rana iNtroduced as Chandrababu Naidu in assembly.

- 60 yellu nindayi Taraka, inko 15 yellu prajalaku panchuthanu, his declaration on political eNtry.

- Manam Party Peduthunnam, Ntr announces. Telugu Desam, he Announces party name.

- The end. Stay connected for Ntr Kathanayakudu full review. 

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