Peta Trailer Review: Rajinified

Wed 02nd Jan 2019 11:28 AM

Peta Trailer Talk Response Review

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What one expects from a super star Rajinikanth film are there in Peta (Petta in Tamil). The film’s teaser showed two avatars of Rajinikanth, few stunts and his style statements. The trailer released just a while ago has all the stuff for each and every section. If you are a diehard Rajinikanth fans, you will end up saying vintage Rajini is back after watching the trailer which is a mass feast.

Peta trailer starts with someone explaining how badly a man named Kaala played by Rajinikanth thrashed 20 men. The torchlight episode that was seen in teaser was also included in the trailer. “Chusthav Gaa Ee Kaali Adinche Aata… (Wait and Watch Kaali’s game),” says Rajini from where the real action begins.

Simran is given more importance than Trisha. Megha Akash says, “Chuddaniki Chinna Pillodilaa Chala Style Gaa Unnaru… (You look so young and stylish),” Rajini responds in style, “Style, Eh, Naturally!”

The trailer also has couple of other powerful dialogues uttered by Rajinikanth. “Nijam chepthunnanuk kotti underwear lo parigethisthanu! Pruvupothe Malli Thirigi Raadu Chusko… (I swear that I will make you runaway in your undies! Once you lost, you can’t get back your dignity.)”

“Evadikaina pellam, pillalu ani sentiment gintiment unte venakki thirigi chudakunda vellipondi, mandi pothundikkada, dorikaro bhasmame… (If anyone of you have sentiments for your wife and kids, just runaway! I’m in the mood to kill and I will kill every last one of you!)”

The other avatar of Rajinikanth is shown in last frames and they say, “Get Rajinified.” All in all, Peta trailer is highly entertaining. Stunts are overlooked by Peter Hein. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vijay Sethupathy and Sasi Kumar are other prominent cast. Directed by Karthik Subbaraj, the film is all set for release on 10th of this month.

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