Tollywood Has No Respect For Telangana!!!

Sat 01st Dec 2018 10:44 PM

Telugu Films Releasing On Telangana Elections Day

Telugu Films Release Dates
Telugu Films Release Dates
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D-Day thats December 7, its state Assembly elections day in Telangana fast approaching. The main battle will be between ruling party TRS and Congress led Praja Kutami, whereas BJP is hoping to win two digit seats this time which is still a doubtful case.

Chandrababu Naidu and his TDP leaders are vigorously campaigning in Telangana with sole intention of dethroning TRS and teach a lesson to BJP led NDA for neglecting Southern states.

In midst of the intense political war, disrespecting the elections in Telangana, Tollywood filmmakers are coming up with four to five movies releasing on the same day of December 7th.

Sumanth’s Subrahmanyapuram, Bellamkonda Srinivas’s Kavacham, Sundeep Kishan’s Next Enti and Shubhalekhalu are releasing on December 7th, on the same date of polls in Telangana state.

Certainly, this is not a good idea to release films on elections day as it would affect voting percentage. Producers of these films should either prepone or postpone their films giving enough scope, importance and attention for state elections.

Nizam collections indeed are a deciding facet for any film’s fortune in Tollywood. Nearly 40 percentage revenues of a film come from Telangana state. Tollywood popular personalities maintain healthy relationship with leaders of various parties. But, they are now in no mood to show a concern for polls in the state.

Some assert that, would these same producers release their respective films for Andhra Pradesh State Elections? Definitely NO... that is why Tollywood is disrespecting Telangana....

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