2.0 Day 1 Less Than Baahubali 2 Day 10

Fri 30th Nov 2018 03:37 PM

2.0 Vs Baahubali: Rajamouli Upper Hand Over Shankar

2Point0 Vs Baahubali
2Point0 Vs Baahubali
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Shankar ruled south India as number one director for long, until SS Rajamouli made his mark across the nation with films like Magadheera, Eega and Baahubali. Rajamouli took a gigantic upper hand over Shankar when the latter delivered a disaster with I - Manoharudu and the former delivered industry hit with Baahubali series.

The debate over topic of South India’s top director emerged once again just before the theatrical outing of Shankar’s high-budget entertainer 2.0 starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. Few crazy Tamil Fans went extreme to showcase Baahubali is nothing before 2.0.

Yes, we must agree a fact that, Shankar is undoubtedly one of the master class makers and he’s a specialist in dealing message-oriented commercial scripts. He proved what kind of wonders a visionary director like him can do if provided high budgets and needful resources. The visuals of 2.0 are definitely on par with Hollywood. 

However, Shankar botched to set box office on fire. Despite getting unanimous positive talk, 2.0 could only collect reasonable numbers in many of the centers which are indeed bringing shivers down the spine for buyers.

As per trade reports, 2.0 first day revenues are a bit less than what Baahubali 2 collected on its 10th day. While Baahubali 2 minted 79 cr on its 10th day, 2.0 minted just 73 cr on its opening day. This itself shows how big director Rajamouli is compared to all other directors in south as well as north. 

That doesn’t mean Shankar is an ordinary director and his 2.0 is an ordinary film. Cmparatively Rajamouli is obviously a better choice for top slot and his Baahubali 2 is a sensational one amongst all Indian movies in last decade.

Whether one accepts it or not, we Indians love films with authentic drama and family emotions. Rajamouli is a connoisseur when it comes to dealing emotions in between his etched characters. Although Baahubali 2 was high on drama, the film went on to become biggest hit proving Indian’s love for emotional content.

Rajamouli is readying another sensational RRR starring Ram Charan and NTR. This film is sure to re-write history with association of three super sta’r’s (NT’R’, ‘R’am Charan and ‘R’ajamouli). Hope, everybody is clear about why Rajamouli is called The Best director of this generation... Topic ends...DOT. 

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