2.0 First Review: Blockbuster

Wed 28th Nov 2018 02:22 PM

2Point0 Review By Umair Sandhu

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Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson starrer magnum opus 2.0 directed by Shankar is all set for grand release tomorrow worldwide. As per trade reports, bookings are massive for the film everywhere and it is expected to register earth-shattering collections in its first weekend. Meanwhile, Umair Sandhu, self-proclaimed entertainment journalist and member of UK censor board has come up with 2.0 first review. He gave 4 star rating and mentioned, “#2Point0 is a #Rajinikant show from start to end.” Check out Umair’s 2Point0 Review here:

“First Review #2Point0 from UAE Censor Board ! #2Point0 is a #Rajinikant show from start to end. And no other actor, not from Bollywood at least, would be able to do what he does with such amazing ease. @iamAmyJackson looks stunning and acts most convincingly.

Review #2Point0 ! #AkshayKumar is menacing, ferocious and nails his part with precision. His transformation, a prerequisite for the character, makes him look powerful and unshakable. He Stole the Show all the way.

#2Point0 franchise has successfully created its own world and some incredible characters that are sure to stay with you for a long, long time. Talking specifically of #2Point0 it's a feast for moviegoers and has the trappings to make all generations its fan. BLOCKBUSTER.

#Shankar ranks amongst India’s best directors is well known by now and #2Point0 only cements the fact. His vision and execution of the difficult subject deserves the highest praise, in fact distinction marks.He not only dreams big, but the outcome is incredible too.

Simply " #2Point0 "  is the Proud Moment of #India !! Best Sci-Fi Film ever made in the History of Indian Cinema. Robot Series is a Textbook how to make a Solid Entertainer.

#2Point0 is a crowd-pleasing and hugely mass appealing tale of android revolution with a thrilling plot, rich and imaginative screenplay, super action, astounding effects and most importantly, #Rajnikant & #AkshayKumar, who is the soul of the film.”

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