Tolly high temperatures with summer releases!

Mon 15th Mar 2010 10:39 PM
Tolly high temperatures with summer releases!
Tolly high temperatures with summer releases!

With the on set of summer season, not just the regular atmospheric temperatures even Tollywood movie temperatures are raising high as star heroes are setting on their journey of battle on box office. With completion of already first quarter of the year, still now Telugu movie lovers were unable to see even a single genuine hit for various reasons including the T-agitations.

As we are entering to the second quarter with peaking up temperatures, following movies are ready to hit the theatres to decide upon the Tolly fate.

Varudu: Arya 2, already banned by T-agitators…what could be the future of this Varudu?


Maro Charitra: No worries, everything depends only upon the show of lean Varun Sandesh, Anitha and of course Dil Raju.

Darling: Prabhas is arriving for the first time after the start of T-agitation. One could expect a safe show from Karunakaran as expectations are high to watch the new style of rebel star.

Simha: Box Office Bonanza Balakrishna is all set to roar with this movie which even has Namitha and Sneha Ullal. Of course again the same problem of Telangana agitators on one side and other side is less reliability on Balakrishna’s story selection.

Komaram Puli: No information but sure to hit the screens in summer.

Brindavanam: Again a Dil Raju product which is no doubt to face the T-blow with the foul game by Kodali Nani.

Khaleja: Mahesh Babu’s most awaited movie which may hit the screens in last weeks of summer.

Orange: Every chance of Ramcharan arriving in theatres in combination with Genelia, Shazahn Padamsee and Sanchita Padukone. Well, again no doubts T-fire is ready to catch.

Looking from any perspective, the major and key T-factor is going to decide the future fates of these movies in this hot summer.