Aravinda Sametha Tweet Review

Thu 11th Oct 2018 10:31 AM

Young Tiger NTR Aravinda Sametha First Report

Aravinda Sametha Movie Poster
Aravinda Sametha Movie Poster
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Movie begins with a caution on safe journey by NTR background voice. 

Paid respects to Harikrishna and Janakiram

Starts with Sunil’s entry as he narrates the faction backdrop of the village.

Narapureddy (Nagababu) and Basireddy (Jagapathi Babu) are leaders of two rival faction groups.

Yes, it’s NTR’s entry into village, son of Nagababu as JB gang attacks. 

Terrific action sequence and NTR at his best. Fans on rampage.

Shocking deaths in the scene as NTR performs last rites with Ram Rudhiram song on backdrop

NTR’s grandma advises never to indulge in faction activities and Tarak gives up. 

NTR leaves the village.

Pooja’s entry, daughter of lawyer Naresh.

NTR enters city and meets Sunil. 

Pooja, NTR romantic track on and Tarak becomes her bodyguard.

Movie on comic and romantic note. 

Aravinda romantic song! A beautiful montage song.

Balreddy, son of JB released from jail to kill NTR but NTR is not ready to go back to village.

Twist... JB is alive.

Pooja research on factionism, NTR’s real life connects her.

One more terrific action set as Tarak spares JB's son and it's INTERVAL


Movie began on high voltage with action and faction backdrop then moves on preachy tone. Romantic track is just ok and two songs are also  just acceptable. First half also closes on action note. All in all, first half is average to above average. Trivikram's pen well worked in a new  light exploring the faction Seema though entertainment quotient is low. More expectedd from second half.

Scene where JB is showing the vengeance. This is why he is called the best, trusted actor.

Pooja aka Aravinda is kidnapped. NTR's intense warning... One more good episode.

Lengthy, meaningful conversation btwn NTR, Pooja. Yet again Trivikram excels. Followed by Peniviti song...touching visuals on Naga Babu, Devayani.

Pooja arranges for Faction documentary. NTR preaches peace to JB.

Reddy Ikkada Soodu song... NTR mark steps, Pandaga for Fans.

After one more shivering scene, NTR and JB in confrontation.

One of the best climaxes is here. Trivikram is a true master.


Though a bit slow, 2nd half runs high on emotions and connects well with a well designed climax. NTR, Trivikram have done their best.


This is a honest film with strong message on Faction. Trivikram used the best acting capabilities in NTR by penning meaningful scenes. Devoid of regular entertainment, AS struck to its serious core point. NTR is the biggest advantage and his performance will remain the strong asset. Fans will enjoy alot. STAY TUNED TO CJ FOR OUR FULL REVIEW.

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