NOTA Trailer Review: Promising

Thu 06th Sep 2018 04:17 PM

NOTA Trailer Review

NOTA Trailer
NOTA Trailer

Vijay Deverakonda was a failure who always scolded by his father in Pelli Choopulu. He was a rebellion medico who doesn’t care anything and takes decisions on own in Arjun Reddy. He was a soft-spoken person who has great respect for girls and family in Geetha Govindam.

After doing three distinctive roles in his previous films, Vijay Deverakonda is coming up with a political thriller NOTA (None Of The Above), which depicts none of the above options on electronic voting machines.


After teasing with a sneak peek video yesterday, theatrical trailer of NOTA has been released just a while ago by Tamil star hero Suriya.

In NOTA trailer, Vijay Deverakonda is seen in the role of a playboy who by luck becomes chief minister of the state. Apparently, he will face lots of challenges when he takes his job seriously. Nasser and Satyaraj are seen as two senior politicians.

Vijay Deverakonda used a cuss word to refer corrupt politicians. One particular scene where Vijay warns media to shut moth with his action shows how good actor he is.

Here are few dialogues from NOTA trailer:

* Ippudu Ardharathrulu Prakatanalu Cheyadam Fashion Ayipoyindi…

* Oka State Future Antha Oka Swamiji Chethillonaa…

* Ee Game Lo Nuv Chuse Raktham Nijam, Nee Shatruvulu Nijam… Aadatam Modalu Pettavo Aapatam Nee Chethilo Ledu… Life Or Death…

All in all, NOTA trailer raised expectations on the film with promising content shown in it. Mehreen Kaur is seen as a journalist in the film directed by Anand Shankar. Interim, the film is likely to release on October 4th simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil.

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