From Star Hotels To Dosa, Chutneys

Fri 27th Jul 2018 12:40 PM

RX100 Hottie shares her transformation

Payal Rajput
Payal Rajput

Payal Rajput created a sensation with bold and red hot treat in her Tollywood debut film RX100. That was her remarkable transformation from BMWs, star hotels in Delhi and Mumbai to bikes and jeeps in Atreyapuram, Andhra Pradesh where the whole film unveiled.

It is a different experience for me who used to zoom in BMWs staying in star hotels of Mumbai, Delhi to driving bikes and jeeps or staying in small hotels in Atreyapuram. Even the food of these two places is completely different. I fell in love with Dosa and every day used to taste dosas with different chutneys. Now I know not only Atreyapuram but also Ramachandrapuram and I wondered after looking at Pootarekulu, said Payal while interacting with scribes recently.

Nevertheless, RX100 is doing well allover AP, TS taking some shocking numbers which are almost called impossible for a film of this scale. Payal is also poured with handy offers and she is zooming big in career post RX.

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