Stars Missing Good Stories Because Of THEM

Thu 26th Jul 2018 01:43 PM

RX100 director’s sensational revelation

Ajay Bhupati
Ajay Bhupati

Ajay Bhupati’s bold intense and romantic entertainer RX100 is going on a rampage at the box office becoming one of the true blockbusters of the year. Even as movie lovers are raving about Karthiyeka’s intense performance and Payal Rajput’s bold show, Ajay Bhupati spoke about his struggles and also about the current trend in the industry.

Taking a bold take, he made startling revelations that stars are not listening to the stories of the directors. Ajay said, “I want to say one thing. I am not saying I am great but if heroes are free they should listen to the story narration or else they shouldn’t send their managers and PAs for the discussion. Everyone knows that the mindset of the heroes is different from their managers. 


Listening to story is an art and what will a manager understand about a story and what will he tell the hero. PAs will tell the stories they like and this results in heroes doing the stories liked by their PAs and managers rather than that appeal to them. So heroes are missing many good stories and the industry is getting affected by it.”

Meanwhile, Bollywood production house Phantom offered Ajay to remake RX 100 in Bollywood. The director is yet to make his decision regarding this.