Vijetha Tweet Review

Thu 12th Jul 2018 08:02 AM

Vijetha Twitter Review Live Updates

Kalyan Dev
Kalyan Dev
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Vijetha marks debut for Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law Kalyan Dev who dared to borrow the title of Megastar’s yesteryear super hit. Written and directed by Rakesh Sashii, the film is produced by Sai Korrapati who has several blockbuster hits under his belt and is known for producing concept-oriented films. Baahubali cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar cranked the camera for this venture which has well-known artists and technicians. Stay connected with for Vijetha Tweet review/live updates:

- Simple introduction of Kalyan (Ram), Murali Sharma (son-father) and childhood scenes.

- Fun time with Kalyan and friends batch.

- Chicken song is on... Kokkoroko...Kalyan is showing ease at dances.

- After Kalyan character introduction, it's time for heroine Malavika Nair intro as Chaitra.

- Second song... Minsaare... Cool melody with gracious moves by Kalyan.

- Comedy touch between Kalyan, Malavika.

- Nasser into story.

- Feel good flavour in well dealt Bullet scene and the interesting point of compromising in life is also executed neatly.

- Surprise Planners... Kalyan new business misfires.

- Interval...

- Mild stroke for Murali Sharma and emotions running.

- Emotional flashback involving Kalyan childhood.

- Time for some more family moments.

- An extra sub plot of Jayaprakash and his family.

- Kalyan takes on rowdy batch for insulting his father.

- Kalyan sister's marriage with Jayaprakash's son.

- Movie ends on happy note. Naa koduku lanti vadu unte prathi thandri Vijetha authadu, says Murali Sharma.

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