Unbroken Record: 80 Songs In That Film

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Sri Krishna Rayabaram Had 80 Songs

sri krishna rayabaram
Sri krishna rayabaram

Generally any film will have around 5-6 songs. For quite some time Telugu filmmakers got struck in the commercial formula of having 6 songs and 6 fights. However trend changed completely with movie lovers preferring films with strong stories of late. 

In the olden days mythological, devotional and folklore films had have many poems and songs. Hindi film Indra Sabha which released in 1932 had around 71 songs and poems.


Nonetheless, Sri Krishna Rayabaram which released in 1960 broke that record with more than 80 poems and songs. This rare record is still unbroken. Raghuramaiah, Suri Babu, Addamki Sriramamurthy not only played the lead roles but also recited their own poems. 

Ghantasala, Madhavapeddi, PB.Srinivas, Pithapuram Nageswara Rao, P.Leela beautified the film with the songs. Suri Babu scored music for the poems while Ashwathama scored music for the songs.