Naa Peru Surya Live Review

Fri 04th May 2018 05:08 AM

Allu Arjun Naa Peru Surya Tweet Live Review Updates

Naa Peru Surya
Naa Peru Surya

Stylish Star Allu Arjun joins the summer race. He is arriving today as Army man Surya in Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India to enthrall us in the direction of debutant Vakkantham Vamsy with Anu Emmanuel as heroine. Rarely do we see current generation heroes attempting a subject on patriotism and Vakkantham reliably worked very hard in finding a hero for his script to realize his dream of wearing the director’s cap. Produced by Lagadapati Sridhar, Sirisha and Naga Babu jointly, the film also has music scored by Vishal Shekkar. 

Meanwhile, our CJ team is here to provide you the live updates and tweet review of NPS from the early morning show. Our updates begin very soon… stay tuned…


* Show begins at 5:15. Runtime locked for 168 minutes.

* Allu Arjun is Surya's entry in a pub. Beats goons black and blue. He even beats SI in an extreme anger as the latter seeks bribe from him. 

* Police  station fight terrific.

* SI lodges a complaint in Indian military, Dehradun.

* First song O Sainika. Highly intense, emotional and sentimental. An outstanding patriotic song.

* Summoned in front of official (Boman). Terminated. His dream of working at border unfulfilled.

* With Rao Ramesh's request, Surya may be taken back. However he was conditioned to get a latter of no objection from India's number one psychology professor, also his dad Ramakrishnam Raju. (Arjun)

* Villain Challa (Sarath Kumar) intro.

* Hero narrates his love story to professor (His dad). Anu Emmanuel intro as Varsha.

* Second song Beautiful Love. Nice visuals from picturesque locations. 

* Posani's intro. Hilarious scene btw Surya and Posani

* Varsha knows Surya is from military. Conflict between them. Breakup.

* Flashback love story over. 

* Varsha and Surya meet again. He tries to convince her.

* 3rd song I'm a Lover also. Magnificent cap trick and other dance moves.

* An intense conflict between dad and son. 

* Father's condition: Surya should give up anger in 21 days.

* A high octane adrenaline pumping fight with Challa's son and Interval.

FIRST HALF REPORT: NPS is an intense patriotic film that projected hero's patriotism and anger in the first half. All 3 songs were shot superbly. Thin love track between the lead stars. Conflict between father and son is engaging. Altogether  1st half is done quite well.

* Surya's trials to get his anger resisted. 

* Surya had to give a lift to Challa but can't do anything as part of anger management.

* Sai Kumar's entry as a great patriot.

* Maya song a montage song. 

* Sai Kumar is killed by Challa.

* Arjun is pleased with his son's tolerance. Invites home. 

* Mother recognizes her son. Family emotions.

* Surya laments for losing his original character. Got his anger back.

* A powerful action sequence.

* Iraga song. Rocking dancie steps by Allu Arjun. Anu is dazzling.

* Challa and Surya confrontation. Kills Challa's goons in style. 

* Challa is given a task to search Anwar, son of Sai Kumar.

* Nice message through Anwar's character. 

* Surya's wish fulfilled. An excellent finish with great patriotism.

REPORT: NPS is a patriotic drama that offers good message. Three songs and action sequences were shot well. Though the love track was not deeper, it's needed for this film with cause.  Although, the screenplay has logs at parts, the movie has been made as a decent watch.