Awe First Day Worldwide Shares

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Awe First Day Collections

Awe First Day Worldwide Collections
Awe First Day Worldwide Collections

Natural Star Nani’s first production venture Awe is receiving mixed response from critics. Though everyone is appreciating its novel attempt, few critics have written it off for it’s execution. Even the collections have been average. Below are the detailed worldwide collections of Awe area-wise:

AREA                                                                         First Day Worldwide Days Shares (In Crores)



Nizam                                                                                  0.38

Ceeded                                                                                0.09

Vizag                                                                                    0.11

East                                                                                      0.07

West                                                                                     0.06

Krishna                                                                                 0.09

Nellore                                                                                 0.02

Guntur                                                                                  0.08

Total Telugu States                                                            0.9 Cr

USA                                                                                        0.68

Rest Estimates                                                                     0.12

Total World Wide                                                               1.7 Cr