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Intelligent Movie Review

Inttelligent Review and Rating
Inttelligent Review and Rating

Inttelligent Review, What’s Behind:

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej, after a series four debacles, has come up with an action entertainer Inttelligent. Ace director VV Vinayak helmed this project post the industry hit of Megastar Chiranjeevi's Khaidi Number 150. Let's see how well Sai succeeded with his latest attempt through Inttelligent. 


Inttelligent Story Review:

Teja (Sai Dharam Tej) is a software engineer who is looked after by a software company's owner Nanda Kishore (Nasser) on his education. And when Teja is grown up, he gets appointed in the same company as a software engineer. Teja, however, is perturbed and nonplussed with the sudden suicide of his owner. He smells a rat if some rivals are indulged in the mysterious death of Nanda Kishore. And rest of the story deals how a soft-natured software engineer Teja becomes an outrageous Dharma Bhai and takes the revenge on the criminals. 

Inttelligent Artists, Technicians Review:

Although Akula Siva came up with an age old story, lots of hopes were pinned on VV Vinayak's mass appealing screen play. In contrast, the screen play fell flat at crucial sequences too. However, there were glimpses of humourous moments here and there which betoken Vinayak's styling of treatment. Cinematography by Vishweshwar deserves appreciation in capturing exotic locales in Chamak Chamak Cham song. Gowtham Raju's editing was as usual while Thaman's music has been a let down. Chamak Chamak Cham remixed was done sensibly while Kala Mandir song was composed as a foot tapping number. 

Sai Dharam Tej was at his career's best in dances and action. His subtle performance shows his maturity levels in acting. His histrionics in cowboy getup in the first song reminds Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Chikitha song's cowboy getup from Badri. When it comes to Sai's dances and poses in Chamak Chamak Cham song, he simply appeared like a photocopy of Megastar. Lavanya Tripathi looked ravishing. However, she isn't a right fit for Sai in dances.  There are a couple of comedians such as Brahmanandam, Prithvi, Posani, Sapthagiri, Raghubabu, Jayaprakash, Thagubothu Ramesh and others. However, Sapthagiri and Jayaprakash only generated some laughs and other characters were merely wasted. Rahul Dev, Dev Gil, Shinde and other villain gang were seen in routine and uninteresting roles. 

Inttelligent Review Advantages:

Sai Dharam Tej

A few comedy scenes

Inttelligent Review Drawbacks:





Inttelligent Review Rating Analysis:

In spite of having tonnes of energy and enthusiasm, Sai Dharam Tej appeared to have opted for one more hackneyed script which doesn't fit for him, anyway. As it being a mass entertainer, audience, naturally, expected some punch dialogues and a bit exuberant and fulsomeness performance from him which is lacked in it. VV Vinayak shocks with dragging screen play in both the halves. There might have been some twists at hitsy bitsy but which failed to generate impat and interest.

Hero's intro as a software was interesting and gives us the feel that it'd be a class and mass entertainer. However, VV Vinayak didn't wish to desert his fort of comedy and action sequences in subsequent scenes. It was also reckoned that the humour part could have been extended for more scenes. On the other hand, Lavanya was just confined to songs which makes it one of the setbacks in the story. 

Sai exhibited heroism at top notch during the interval block. In the second half he appears as hard hitting Dharma Bhai and takes on goons in a couple of action sequences. Moreover, some mind games between Teja and villain are encountered. Even then every elements appears to have got abruptly ended. Climax also turned routine and fatiguing with a pretty ordinary action sequence. 

All in all, Inttelligent stands a routine commercial potboiler with no jaw dropping and exciting moments were depicted. Yet, masses from B and C centres may prefer watching the all-round capabilities of Sai and for Chamak Chamak Cham song remix. Considering all the pros and cons, CJ goes with 2.0 rating for Inttellligent. 


INTTELLIGENT PUNCHLINE: No Intelligence in making.

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