Chalo First Day Worldwide Shares

Sat 03rd Feb 2018 06:03 PM

Chalo Worldwide First Day Shares

Chalo First Days Shares Worldwide
Chalo First Days Shares Worldwide

Chalo, which released this week along with Ravi Teja’s Touch Chesi Chudu is doing brisk business at ticket counters. Chalo has a slight edge over Touch Chesi Chudu in terms of mouth talk and is faring comparatively better. With a pre-release business of 6 Cr, the first day collections were good in terms of ROI. Below is the detailed break-down of Chalo First Day Worldwide collections area-wise:

AREA                                                                   First Day Worldwide Shares (In Crores)



Nizam                                                                                 0.35

Ceeded                                                                               0.12

Vizag                                                                                   0.16

East                                                                                     0.11

West                                                                                    0.07

Krishna                                                                                0.11

Nellore                                                                                0.04

Guntur                                                                                 0.11

Total Telugu States                                                          1.07 Cr

Rest of India                                                                           0.6

USA                                                                                          0.60

Rest Estimates                                                                        0.18

Total World Wide                                                                1.85  Cr