Mahanubhavudu Tweet Review

Fri 29th Sep 2017 08:11 AM

Sharwanand Mahanubhavudu Tweet Review

Sharwanand Mahanubhavudu Live Updates
Sharwanand Mahanubhavudu Live Updates

Young hero Sharwanand, gorgeous Mehreen Pirzada starrer and Maruthi directed Mahanubhavudu is hitting the screens in next few minutes. The film having got enough positive vibes around and Dasara being a favorite season for cinema lovers, a safe and wholesome family entertainer is expected to be on the cards. Production house UV Creations arranged a massive release for the flick in 400+ screens despite stiff competition from Jai Lava Kusa, Spyder in theaters.

Live Updates:


- Movie has just begun. Runtime is 151.08 mins

- Sharwanand is introduced as Anand. He's brought to hospital by his friends.

- Sharwa is narrating his story which led him to this situation.

- Sharwa rejects a love proposal in his office.

- Here comes Mehreen introduction with Swacch Bharat sequence. She is Meghana.

- Mehreen joins the same office of Sharwanand.

- Time for first song Ninnu Chusi shot in picturesque locations. Mehreen is simply gorgeous in the song.

- Sharwa reveals his mother that he is in love with Mehreen.

- BGM by Thaman isn't picking in starting few episodes.

- Comedy sequence between Sharwa, Mehreen and Nalla Venu. 

- Venu dialogue to describe Mehreen. Erraga undi kada Mumbai anukunna. Kaadu erra bus.

- Mehreen too starts adoring Sharwa. Time for Mahanubhavudu song. Good song describing hero characterization.

- Emotional sequence between Sharwa and his mother. He refuses when mother wishes to serve food with her hand.

- Sharwa shows his next level of OCD to Mehreen in hospital.

- Sharwa proposes his love to Mehreen. But she tells him that he must get acceptance of her father Nasser.

- Time for first fight and its concept based.

- Nasser accepts their love. Romantic scenes happening

- Time for Hey Pilla song

- Big test for Sharwa. Nasser vomits blood on Sharwa.

- An intense sequence leads to interval.


- Nasser is out of danger. Mehreen exhibits her anger on him.

- Nasser requests Sharwa to come to his village and he accepts it.

- Time for my love is back song. Cinematography is vibrant. Mehreen is beautiful in sarees.

- Cheruvu scene is hilarious and is best till now. Maruthi mark treatment.

- Family dinner episode is okay.

- Sharwanand drinks alcohol in frustration. Time for the mass number Bhamalu. Maruthi makes an entry in the song.

- Vennela Kishore's trick to get up fainted Sharwa is uproarious.

- Mehreen is wounded in an incident and Sharwa does unnecessary hungama in hospital.

- Nasser's team loses in wrestling competition. Sharwanand is asked to fight on behalf of Nasser'village.

- Mehreen'inspirational speech is unrealistic.

- Sharwa enters wrestling field. Movie leads to climax. Thaman's BGM is enchanting.