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Mahesh Babu Spyder Tweet Review Report

Mahesh Babu Rakul Preet Singh in Spyder
Mahesh Babu Rakul Preet Singh in Spyder

Super Star Mahesh Babu's Spyder is releasing today amidst high expectations under AR Murugadoss direction starring Rakul Preet Singh as heroine. Though Spyder premier shows are screened in some parts of the world, unfortunately Hyderabad hasn't got one. To keep our viewers updated about content, quality of the film, we will be beginning Spyder Tweet review very soon from 8:15 AM... Please stay tuned to CJ...

-  Here starts the movie... Titles in typical Muruga style.


- Mahesh Babu voice over introduction as an illegal call tapper, intelligence bureau.

- Boat fight is going on for hero introduction song... Full of montages, Boom Boom... Spy Vachaado...

- Heroine Rakul joins the show as Medico watching adult videos... Plan for blind date.

- Love track going on...

- Mysterious phone call... two dead bodies chopped into pieces...

- Mahesh takes up the challenge to crack... Bharat into story, crucial link.

- Cicilia song just started... Cute visuals.

- Mahesh goes Kurnool... Bhairavi aka SJ Suryah flashback scenes from graveyard.

- Rollercoaster fight from Wonderla... Mahesh and Bharath.

- Serial killer Bhairavudu aka SJ Suryah is on screen.

- Metro pillars sequence takes to interval.


-  Sadistic Personaity Disorder SPD and its characteristics.

- Suryah attacks Mahesh mum and housemates.

- Mahesh recovers from major accident.

- Haalibee song on... Hospital romance

- Back to intelligence... Mahesh tracing Suryah through Varudhini Parinayam TV serial.

- Satellite Thermography... Murugadoss full use of intelligence and technology. Best episodes of the movie... Spyder in full flow.

- First time... Hero and villain are face to face.

- Lanco Hills rock scene... One more goosebump...VFX just OK.

-  Suryah aka Bhairavudu escapes from police.. targets a city hospital.

- Striking visuals from hospital blast disaster. Humanity prevails... One more Muruga mark scene... 

- Action scene and Bhairavudu wiped off. Message on humanity... Share love and like human beings. WAIT FOR REVIEW