Hot Heroine Hopes on Blind Hero!

Thu 27th Apr 2017 08:48 AM IST

Hebah Patel Hopes On Andhagadu

Hebah Patel In Andhagadu
Hebah Patel In Andhagadu

Hot Tollywood property Hebah Patel stroked to limelight with bold film Kumari 21 F took no big time to create an impression among youth audience. She is now a teenage heartthrob with strong following. Producers trying to promote films with Hebah as main poster face explain the importance in commercial exploitation.

However, Hebah seems to have been upset with the way her last two films took to a tumult at ticket counters. Nanna Nenu Na Boyfriends and Mister are the two big releases failed miserably leaving her Fans in a shock. Yet, offers haven’t dried for Hebah and she has an amazing lineup for next one year or so.

First among Hebah Patel’s upcoming films is Andhagadu romancing her best co-partner Raj Tharun. Recently released Andhagadu trailer established the magical chemistry between lead pair and Hebah is hopeful of bouncing back onto winning track with this entertainer.

Hot Heroine Hopes on Blind Hero! - CineJosh Updated on Thu 27th Apr 2017 08:48 AM IST
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