Don’t Feed On My Body: Radhika

Wed 31st Aug 2016 09:27 AM

Radhika Apte Attacks With Bold Statements

Radhika Apte, The Epitome of Boldness
Radhika Apte, The Epitome of Boldness

Controversies aren’t new for talented actress Radhika Apte. She has been hitting the dirty headlines for the leaked and fleshy video content from few of her films. Nevertheless, Radhika is bolder than media persons. She is adopting a strong verbal attack against press for whatever the spice cooked in media houses.

More than thrice, Radhika Apte’s nude videos surfaced on internet. Recently, ‘Clean Shaven’ and ‘Parched’ are the two flicks where she went from bolder to boldest acting in love making scenes. As an artist, she could justify her acts but for common people and press it’s a very good subject to enjoy the mileage.

‘As an actress I am growing comfortable with each day. These things do not affect me much. At the same time I am comfortable acting in bold scenes and I forget a fact that I am not wearing any clothes before camera while shooting for the film. For all those who are interested in watching nudity in these scenes, first you stop feeding on my body. Go before a mirror and watch yourself nude in a mirror. You will understand what I mean,’ said Radhika. Well, such statements are shoot her image high up more than these scandal videos.