Krishnashtami Day 1 Collections!

Sat 20th Feb 2016 11:19 AM

Sunil ‘Krishnashtami’ Got Best Openings!

Krishnashtami Day 1 Collections, Good Opening
Krishnashtami Day 1 Collections, Good Opening
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Leave aside ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and hero Sunil would be more than happy to see audience coming to theaters on day one of ‘Krishnashtami’ with decent collection numbers recorded. As per an official update from distribution sources, below is the breakup of ‘Krishnashtami’ release day shares.

Area                                Share (in Crores)


NIZAM                                        0.92

CEDED                                       0.38

NELLORE                                   0.12

KRISHNA                                   0.17

GUNTUR                                    0.24

VIZAG                                        0.22

EAST GODAVARI                        0.28

WEST GODAVARI                      0.21


Total                                      2. 54 (in AP and TS)


To mention in specific, these are highest openings for a Sunil film other than ‘Maryada Ramanna.’ We need to wait and see, how film goes from here on.

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