'Anusual' Memoirs of Hot Heroine

Tue 18th Aug 2015 12:32 AM IST

Anusual Memoir Book Anu Agarwal Auto Biography

Anu Agarwal Autobiography Anusual
Anu Agarwal Autobiography Anusual

Very rarely do we find heroines writing autobiography revealing their life experiences and important milestones in career. Anu Agarwal, the hot heroine of ‘Aashiqui’ fame and popular in Telugu for the Mani Ratnam film ‘Donga Dona’ has come up with autobiography in the name of ‘Anusual - Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead.’ In the book, she tells story of herself describing the path to self discovery covering her near-to-death experience, a stunning recovery and men in her life from millionaire businessmen to super yogis.

The dusky girl from Delhi went on to become an International famous model and then roused as a star Bollywood heroine with ‘Aashiqui’ film in 1990. Here began her journey when she joined a Yoga ashram in Uttarkhand. In 1999, she came back Mumbai to face a deadly car accident going into coma for 30 days. Anu Agarwal had a miraculous recovery from coma to take up Sanyas and Yoga as career.

‘My book is the story of a girl who was broken into million pieces but is still alive to tell the tale of how she brought the separated parts together back again,’ Anu Agarwal explained about ‘Anusual.’ Most impressive is, ‘I am fortunate enough to have explored the sexuality and sensuality in me with a honest human connect with opposite sex,’ Anu speaks her feelings out. 

Anu is managing a meditation centre in India’s Wild West, Kutch. In Mumbai, she is working with slum kids. AnuFun Yoga is her way of Yoga teaching.

Anusual’ is a hot selling book today in film circles.

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