AD First Day Official Shares

Sun 29th Sep 2013 11:24 PM
AD First Day Official Shares
AD First Day Official Shares
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‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ is a confirmed blockbuster hit going to wash away all the old records created in the recent past by several other heroes and by Pawan himself with ‘Gabbar Singh.’ As per the official reports flown in by PRO of the movie, we are here by posting the numbers for our readers. All time record breaking openings in all the areas. 

AD First Day Official Shares:

Nizam 3.29 Crores 

Ceded 2.20 Crores

Guntur 1.22 Crores

East     1.04 Crores

Vizag    95 Lakhs

West     77 Lakhs

Krishna 72 Lakhs

Nellore  53 Lakhs 

This is the clear show of Power by Pawan Kalyan. Same is the situation in Overseas.

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