'Mirchi' 50 Days Centers

Wed 27th Mar 2013 09:34 PM IST
'Mirchi' 50 Days Centers
'Mirchi' 50 Days Centers

Young Rebel Star Prabhas' 'Mirchi' is completing its 50 days run directly in 153 direct centers across the state. Given below are the area wise break up of 50 days centers of the movie. 

AREA                             50 DAYS DIRECT CENTERS


---------------       ---------------------------------------

NIZAM                                  47( city- 13, side- 34)

CEDED                                  29

NELLORE                               06

KRISHNA                               13

GUNTUR                                15

VIZAG                                   21

EAST GODAVARI                     12

WEST GODAVARI                    10


NB: There maybe little variation of centers in the above list on 29th( 50th day of the movie) of this month.

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