Ghatikudu Movie Review (First on Net)

Sun 18th Oct 2009 09:02 AM
Ghatikudu Movie Review (First on Net)
Ghatikudu Movie Review (First on Net)

Behind the Movie “Ghatikudu”: Surya, the handsome hero of Kollywood became the heart throb of Tollywood with movies like Shivaputrudu, Ghazini and Surya S/O Krishnan. With the onset of festive mood, there was a reason to wait for a good movie from this talented actor. In parallel, is the Director K.S. Ravi Kumar who delivered blockbusters like Dashavatharam, Narasimha and others is rated as care of address for commercial hits both in Tollywood and Kollywood.  The mega combo of these two has raised the expectations on the movie which is rated as big budgeted, before the release.

In the Movie “Ghatikudu”:
Madhava (Surya) is the son of magistrate (Murali). From the childhood days of Madhava, he is frightened by his father who hides his love for the child who is motherless. Madhava is loved by his aunt and her daughter. But for some twist in the story Madhava runs away from the home for the death of his loved aunty. Madhava escapes to Kolkata, where he is renamed as Ashok by a small time gang leader (Sayaji Shinde). Ashok becomes a sharp shooter and takes the supari to kill his magistrate father who is on the duty to submit the file of criminal activities of Dr. Abdullah (Rahul dev), which is related to illegal organ racket where numerous children from hill side communities are killed. Ashok enters the house of Magistrate as brother in law to chef (Vadivelu) and wins the love of family members including his aunty’s daughter who is grown up into a beautifull girl (Nayanathara). Why did Ashok agree for this supari?, whether to kill his father Magistrate or escape him from Dr. Abdullah? Did he get his childhood love? forms the rest of the story.

Values of the Movie “Ghatikudu”: The story of the movie is beaten  million a times by writers and again KS Ravi Kumar gets into the groove with this kind of rotten story. There is not even a single point in the whole Movie which really encourages you to congratulate this Director. First half of the movie wholly runs on the presence of Vadivelu. Few of new film goers might feel, is it this Vadivelu, the real hero of this cinema. With bad voice dubbing, the first half proves to be agony. In second, half although you get some twists, but your neck and head are already twisted and you wait to see “The end” on the screen. Nayanatara looked hopeless and all the characters including wonderful actor Murali, Meena Kumari and others were wasted by this useless story. Dialogues by Sri Ramakrishna prove to be a distaster. Harris Jayaraj again comes with the same old tunes, boring you from the very first song. Bhuvana chandra’s lyrics never had a lip sync. Visual surprise in the second half, where Ashok’s childhood flashback is revealed has been attempted well but failed miserably. (Hero Surya was shown as a child by visual graphics) 

Out of the Movie “Ghatikudu”:  Surya although perfomed his role very well, but there is nothing great to elevate his acting skills. KS Ravi Kumar has delivered a disaster which makes “Ghatikudu” a “Ghatiya” movie. If you are really willing to enjoy the festive mood with a good movie near your theatre, never ever go near by a theater where “Ghatikudu” is running with empty halls. Movie may not pull the audience even in the first week. Hats off to the daring attitude of Chandana Ramesh who has brought the rights for Telugu Version of this Tamil Movie “Aadhavan”.

Ghatikudu” Cine Josh Verdict: Hopeless movie from a successful hero and succesful director.